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Clothed to solo erotic nudes

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  • بدءًا من 150 US dollars
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سياسة الإلغاء

I understand life happens sometimes, but please be considerate when canceling an appointment. PayPal ( Just like anyone that runs their own business, we rely on bookings to go through, not only because bills need to be paid, but BOTH my wife Mia and I schedule everything else around planned bookings as well. We have a shared calendar, so we schedule bookings around each other. A canceled booking that has been planned for even a few days could have taken precedence over other possible bookings (for myself as well as Mia), travel plans, family events or anything else that was turned down, postponed or missed out on in order to be available for you. What may be just a leisurely hobby for you, is someone else's way to support themselves or their family. IF I AM NOT GIVEN 24 HOURS NOTICE BEFORE CANCELING, A FEE OF 50% OF OUR SCHEDULED DATE WILL BE REQUIRED. ANY CANCELLATION THAT HAS BEEN ON MY CALENDAR FOR 24 HOURS OR MORE WILL INCUR A FEE OF 30% OF OUR SCHEDULED DATE (UNLESS RESCHEDULED WITHIN THE NEXT WEEK). CANCELLATIONS MADE WHILE I AM ON TOUR (PREBOOK OR NOT) THAT CAN'T BE RESCHEDULED BEFORE I LEAVE, WILL INCUR A 50% CANCELLATION FEE. PLEASE BOOK CONSIDERATELY! ***Understand that when traveling, trips are planned around prebookings and photo shoots. A cancellation fee is expected unless rescheduled for during that same tour.

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Cleveland, OH, USA

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